Investment Advice 

"The greatest of all faults is to be conscious of none."

Individual Solutions from Independent Advisors

  • Each investor's unique goals, risk profiles, income, lifestyles, tax situations, and other factors which change over-time, are uncovered and incorporated in an Individual Police Statement (IPS). 

  • Independent of products and investment companies, we assist our clients in the selection of appropriate investment vehicles from existing relationships, or help them establish new ones;.

  • Services are provided on a fee-only basislow-cost fee structure consistent with Visible Investing principles.

  • Whether in person, or using written or telecommunications, Visible Investment Advisors are proactive, understandable, collaborative and readily available.

  • Complete transparency, disclosure and confidentiality builds personal and trusted relationships.

Visible Investor Advisement Services are ideally suited to:

  • Employees that need help managing their employee sponsored 401(k) retirement programs.

  • Risk averse investors that may be too heavily weighted in savings and CD's.

  • Individuals concerned about outliving their retirement savings or having a diminished retirement lifestyle.

  • Those that know they need help and turn to TV, newsletters, websites, chat-rooms or their brokers for advice.

  • People that do not have the time or inclination to make investment decisions.

  • Investors who have lost money buying hot stocks or funds.

  • Individuals that have determined that no-load index funds are the way to go, but don't know the right ones to choose.

Advisement Services

  • Independent portfolio review

  • Individual investment planning.

  • Pre-paid financial consulting 

  • Annual retainer

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